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The last quarter of 2017 and 2018 to date was a year of change for VARE Real estate. We sold our beautiful office on Route 100 in Warren and relocated to Waitsfield. The VARE office is now located on 4805 Main Street, Waitsfield. Our telephone number 802-496-2506 and website address remain the same. In addition, Betty Harris decided it was time to move on. Betty a long time member of VARE has lived in Warren and vacationed in Naples, Florida for the winter in recent years.

We miss Betty’s friendly and insightful appraisals of properties. She was especially adept at homes and the changes that could be made to make them your home. In addition, however, we heartily welcome Robert Jordan who originally hails from Pennsylvania and has been a guide in the trout fishing business for several years. He moved into the Valley three years ago with his wife, Alison and 9-year-old daughter, Dahlia. He formerly worked in reception at Clay Brook at the Sugarbush Ski Area. Dahlia attends Elementary School in Moretown.

Robert joins Bruce Bertholon, dedicated Rotary member and longtime VARE agent, as well as Anna Whiteside. Bruce can usually be found at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings volunteering for the Rotarians. He is the one most often to be found manning the office, which by the way is across Route 100 from the BIG PICTURE movie theater and community events as well as the addition this year of the soon- to- b-e completed Lawson’s beer showroom and manufacturing plant.

Change is part of our lives, and in this first part of the 21st Century, it is moving faster than usual, especially in real estate. The larger corporations are now an intricate part of your search for your dream home here in the Valley and everywhere else in the world. The facts are that most searches start on the internet and not in ads or the yellow pages or even through friends and family who have familiarity with the area.

In spite of this big change, we know that you are best served by the local real estate offices and brokers who have the most familiarity with the Mad River Valley, its features, its listings and its history. And since you will, in addition, be our neighbors, we want to treat you right.

My experience in the real estate industry actually started in my early years growing up in a real estate family in Connecticut. Phones were not allowed to go unanswered, and one’s real estate broker served as the person who was up on all the information you needed to know about the area as well as about the listings.

Real estate profession has gone through many transitions, but one thing has not changed, and that is that real estate is primarily a service business. Aside from showing you the listings you have chosen as possibilities through the internet, your real estate professional will help guide you to the other necessary services such as financing options including banks and other financial institution and mortgage brokers, insurance agencies, information about doctors, lawyers, best places to shop, and every imaginable bit of information. Believe me, I’ve been asked them all and delight in passing on my knowledge.

So, Welcome to our new location. I, personally, do most of my paperwork and telephone work from home. However, I am always happy to meet you at our office in Waitsfield. I do hope that those of you who know us from the past will continue to avail yourself of VARE Real Estate’s friendly service. We will stand on our heads for you. P.S. We need the business.

Anna Whiteside