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Anna Whiteside’s Testimonials

When we first decided to move to the Mad River Valley , we sought a realtor who knew every inch of the area, as well as someone who was willing to take the time to familiarize us with all that was important. Anna Whiteside turned out to be exactly that person. Her prodigious knowledge of the region, amassed over years of working here were instrumental in enabling us to understand right from wrong in the ever-changing real-estate market. She demonstrated great patience in enabling us to educate ourselves to the local market, showing us a range of properties so that we could iterate towards our final decision. In addition, Anna proved invaluable when it came time to negotiate: providing access to all of the information we sought, and consulting with us from a solid base of experience. Most importantly, Anna served as our first friend once we moved here, helping to steer us to all of the services we needed to start our new lives in our new home.

Brian Bell and Lorri Quinn, May 8, 2008

Dear Anna,

You have represented our company, Samara Farms, Inc. over many years through all phases of the development of Birch Hill subdivision.

Your help, beginning with the purchase of the land through planning, plot development and sale of all of the individual parcels was invaluable. We could not have done it without you. Your professionalism, honesty and advice is beyond question. Our personal friendship developed over the years has been an additional reward.

Joseph Muraskin, Pres.
Samara Farm, Inc.

To whom it may concern,

My wife and I had been looking for a parcel of land to build on in the Mad River Valley for almost two years. None of the pieces of land were exactly right for us. We had dealt with several realtors. We met Anna when we went to see one of her exclusive land listings. The land was nice, but not for us. We explained, as best we could, what our needs were and in a week Anna called us back and said, “I found the perfect piece of land for you. There’s only one issue… it has a house on it!”

It was the perfect piece of land and we decided we could fix up the house and make it work for our family. All the negotiations were handled professionally. We never felt any pressure from anyone at Vare, even when multiple issues came up after the home inspection. We are now in love with our spot in Warren and we have Anna to thank for it.

Dr. Michael Mollow

I first met Anna in 2002. She was the “Seller” of a piece of land I purchased in Warren. We didn’t work together, but after the closing, I found her to be so warm and open with her smile and love of our Valley as well as her business, I decided that if I ever bought or sold again, it would be with Anna. I referred many friends and acquaintances to Anna for that very reason, all of which were very happy with VARE.

Over the years Anna showed me and then my husband and I many, many, properties and homes. Never one that was beyond our reach financially or out of our “envelope” of style. After a brief “break” from shopping, my husband and I stumbled across a small cozy home For Sale By Owner. I immediately called Anna. I would never purchase a property without a professional to back us.

We worked with the seller privately over a 6 month period and she wouldn’t budge on her price. However, after 8 or so months, she listed her home with a real estate agent. Anna called us immediately. We put in our original offer, with some back and forth haggling; the seller eventually accepted our offer! Anna helped save us $45,000.00 on our home.

We still think the world of Anna, both personally and professionally and recommend her to everyone we meet that is looking to purchase or to sell.

Thank you for being you Anna.

Joanie & Mike Kavanaugh

Working with VARE is like working with family. Their knowledge of the market was extremely helpful when we bought out first home in the valley. Then, when it came time to sell and buy our second home, we could not have asked for a more diligent, trustworthy group to work with. I would recommend Anna and her team to anyone.

Joy Pratt Schiffmann

From the moment we met Anna, we felt comfortable that she was showing us all the attributes of each property, whether it was positive or negative. This candor, in addition to her incredible work ethic and expansive knowledge of the Valley, is why we have continued to rely on her to help us buy and sell multiple properties. We wouldn’t think to use anyone else.

Jim and Ann-Marie Suglia

We worked with Anna and her team for a period of several months. We were looking for a vacation home in the valley and had been told Anna had tremendous experience in this area. Working with Anna was unbelievably easy. She was very adept at asking the right questions in an effort to pinpoint our requirements and we came to rely on her experience and judgment to evaluate the properties objectively. Anna was extremely easy to talk with, very thorough in her preparations prior to showing us a property, and we appreciated the fact that she took the time to show us properties from all over the Valley so we really had a good feeling for the area and where we wanted to live. We are very happy with the home we purchased. We would work with Anna and her team again in a heartbeat. We would recommend her to any prospective buyers.

Anne and David Ozimek