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The practice of selling real estate has changed dramatically during VARE Real Estate’s history. The old timers fondly recall when a handshake was sufficient to cement an agreement. In the 1960’s when VARE was started, a purchase and sale agreement was a one page form. Today contracts are four pages long with tiny print and have to be in writing to be enforceable.

Two of the main reasons for the major changes are consumer awareness and technology. Both have to do with information—one is access to information and the other is the speed with which this information is distributed.

As a result of consumerism many changes have occurred in the laws affecting real estate.

A 1997 supreme court ruling known as the Bianchi decision has changed the way real estate is purchased and sold and how title searches are conducted. It requires more accountability on the part of the seller/owner than ever before. This can and often does result in a longer period from contract to closing. It also can result in increased closing costs on the legal side due to the extra time it takes to research the permits. Review more information about the Bianchi decision provided by the Vermont Secretary of State.

Our industry organizations make it possible for us to conduct an entire real estate transaction on-line. Let us know your preference—whether you would like us to use mail, fax or email in our communications with you.